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  Title Speaker Series Date
Play Bible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 1)Murray McCandless2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play Bible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 2)Murray McCandless2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play David's lament over Saul and JonathonJoel Portman2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play How far will my love go?Al Christopherson2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play I am the Door, the Shepherd, the Bread of LifeLarry Perkins2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play No ExcuseStuart Thompson2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play Places relating to the CrucifixionScott MacLeod2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play Profitable ThingsMurray McCandless2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play Spiritual PerspectiveLarry Perkins2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play The Church, The Bride Scott MacLeod2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play The coming of the LordWilliam Skates2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play The coming of the LordJohn Slabaugh2010 Conference2010-04-25
Play The presence of the Ever-existing OneStuart Thompson2010 Conference2010-04-24
Play Bearing the Yoke in Our YouthBrian Kember2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play DiscipleshipShad Sluiter2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play Features Displayed by the Local AssemblyWilliam Skates2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play Getting Along With One AnotherLarry Perkins2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play GospelBrian Kember2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play GospelBrian Crawford2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play GospelBrian Crawford2011 Conference2011-05-01
Play Growing in Our Knowledge of ChristJoel Portman2011 Conference2011-05-01
Play HelpLarry Perkins2011 Conference2011-05-01
Play Priesthood of BelieversJoel Portman2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play Soundings of the TrumpetsBill Lavery2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play Vow of the NazariteBrian Crawford2011 Conference2011-04-30
Play Walking for GodBill Lavery2011 Conference2011-05-01
Play Worship and HindrancesBrian Kember2011 Conference2011-05-01
Play 5 Double TypesJim Smith2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Brotherly LoveStu Thompson2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play ChangeLarry Perkins2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Commendation of PhoebeBrian Crawford2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Gospel MeetingBrian Crawford2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Gospel MeetingStu Thompson2012 Conference2012-04-29
Play JonahGary Sharp2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Making Choices at a CrossroadLarry Perkins2012 Conference2012-04-29
Play Numbers 13Bill Lavery2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Passing PriesthoodBill Lavery2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Psalm 22-23Bill Lavery2012 Conference2012-04-29
Play Relationships with the FatherJim Smith2012 Conference2012-04-29
Play SinglenessShad Sluiter2012 Conference2012-04-28
Play Work In CorinthJoel Portman2012 Conference2012-04-29
Play Bad beginningsMurray McCandless2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play Davids 3 mighty menMurray McCandless2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play GospelScott McLeod2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play GospelLarry Perkins2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play Growth in the christian lifeBill Lavery2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Hebrews 11Bill Lavery2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play JosephMurray McCandless2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play Love one anotherStu Thompson2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Passovers in the Gospel of JohnJoel Portman2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Psalm 23Scott McLeod2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play Psalm 75William Skates2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Sanctify the Lord in the trialScott McLeod2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Shall we continue in sin?Larry Perkins2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play Sovereignty of God and Responsibility of manStu Thompson2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play Take the place God has given usMurray McCandless2013 Conference2013-05-27
Play The tried saintsJoel Portman2013 Conference2013-05-28
Play 1 John 1Jim Smith2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play Abraham, Long VisionJim Smith2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play Children Under the WordGary Toombs2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play Distant Shepherd of John 11Bruce Rodgers2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play GospelGary Sharp2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play GospelBrian Crawford2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play GospelBrian Crawford2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play HearingBrian Crawford2014 Conference2014-04-25
Play Knowing the Will of GodLarry Perkins2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play Light, Life, Love in JohnJim Beattie2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play Mary and MarthaBruce Rodgers2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play Night SeasonsJim Beattie2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play Rejection of the Perfect ServantBill Lavery2014 Conference2014-04-27
Play ShepherdingGary Sharp2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play The Shepherd SeekingBill Lavery2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play Walking WorthyBrian Crawford2014 Conference2014-04-26
Play 4 Things that Produce RestJim Smith2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play DevotionBill Lavery2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play ElishaMurray McCandless2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Faithfulness to ChristEric McCullough2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play Gospel MessageMurray McCandless2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Gospel MessageBrandon Doll2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play HeavenEric McCullough2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Learning About HeavenBill Lavery2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Living with Judgment in ViewBrandon Doll2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Lord\'s Supper: Giving Our BestScott MacLeod2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Nights in the Life of JacobStanley Wells2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Oneness of BelieversJim Smith2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Present Your BodiesBill Lavery2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Spiritual SobrietyJim Frazier2015 Conference2015-04-25
Play Suffering SaintsScott MacLeod2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play Watch Your LoveEugene Badgley2015 Conference2015-04-26
Play BordersDan Shutt2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play CalvaryMurray McCandless2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Christ: The OvercomerWilliam Skates2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Departure & RecoveryEric McCullough2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Find Fault or Find FulfillmentMurray McCandless2016 Conference2016-04-24
Play GospelTerry Topley2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Judges 9: LeadershipWilliam Lavery2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Living a Life that Counts for EternityBrian Crawford2016 Conference2016-04-24
Play Lord, is it I?Dan Shutt2016 Conference2016-04-22
Play MaryEric McCullough2016 Conference2016-04-24
Play Psalm 84Murray McCandless2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play Three Sights in the BibleEric McCullough2016 Conference2016-04-24
Play Two Men in EternityDan Shutt2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play What David Saw, Heard, Said, DidBrandon Doll2016 Conference2016-04-23
Play 3 Individuals Who may be in a Local AssemblyEric McCullough2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play 4 Men of 3 JohnWilliam Skates2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Gospel MessageMurray McCandless2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Gospel MessageBrandon Doll2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Gospel MessageWilliam Skates2017 Conference2017-04-23
Play Moral HolinessStu Thompson2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Pleasing GodLarry Perkins2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play PrayerStu Thompson2017 Conference2017-04-23
Play Prayer in the Old and New TestamentScott MacLeod2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Samson and the 7 Churches of AsiaBill Lavery2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play Sufferer, Substitute, and SovereignEric McCullough2017 Conference2017-04-23
Play The Lords Hand, Heart and HouseBill Lavery2017 Conference2017-04-23
Play The Old Waste PlacesMurray McCandless2017 Conference2017-04-21
Play Things Joshua SawBrandon Doll2017 Conference2017-04-22
Play TraditionsMurray McCandless2017 Conference2017-04-23
Play I Thirst, It is FinishedBruce RodgersCries from the Cross2011-10-26
Play Into Thy HandsBruce RodgersCries from the Cross2011-10-27
Play My God, My GodBruce RodgersCries from the Cross2011-10-25
Play Woman, Behold Thy SonBruce RodgersCries from the Cross2011-10-24
Play Activity of the Saints in the Eternal StateJohn StubbsFuture of the Saints2008-09-26
Play Adorning of the Saints at the MarriageJohn StubbsFuture of the Saints2008-09-24
Play Appearing of the Saints at the ManifestationJohn StubbsFuture of the Saints2008-09-25
Play Appraising of the Saints at the BemaJohn StubbsFuture of the Saints2008-09-23
Play Assembling of the Saints at the RaptureJohn StubbsFuture of the Saints2008-09-22
Play (Photos) High Priest GarmentsJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-05
Play High Priest GarmentsJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-02
Play High Priest: Blue RopeJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-03
Play High Priest: Breast PlateJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-04
Play High Priest: Day of AtonementJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-06
Play High Priest: Golden CrownJohn StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-05
Play High Priest: Hebrews 9John StubbsHigh Priest Garments2012-04-08
Play Deborah and BarakWilliam SkatesPostmodernism2015-01-06
Play EhudWilliam SkatesPostmodernism2015-01-05
Play GideonWilliam SkatesPostmodernism2015-01-07
Play Gideon, Abimelech, Jephthah, SamsonWilliam SkatesPostmodernism2015-01-08
Play Objective of ProphecyJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-14
Play Omission from OT ProphecyJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-13
Play Order of ProphecyJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-11
Play Outcome of ProphecyJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-15
Play Outline of ProphecyJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-12
Play Prophecy ChartJohn MeekinProphecy2015-10-11
Play Egaged in BuildingA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play Elevated to the ThroneA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play Enabled for LeadershipA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play Enlarging the KingdomA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play Erosion and EnemiesA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play Established in the KingdomA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-01
Play For Our EducationA. J. HigginsSolomon2012-11-30
Play Psalm 72A. J. HigginsSolomon2012-12-02
Play IsaacA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-14
Play John the BaptistA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-15
Play Lord JesusA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-15
Play MosesA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-15
Play SamsonA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-15
Play SamuelA. J. HigginsSonship2014-03-15
Play 1-The Deity of ChristDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 2-The Humanity of ChristDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 3-The Messiah - Boyhood, Temptations, ImpeccabilityDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 4-The Atonement of ChristDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 5-Death, Resurrection and AscensionDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 6-Downstooping, Exaltation and Coming of ChristDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-02-28
Play 7-Christ in the GardenDavid VallanceThe Person of Christ2015-03-01
Play Altar of IncenseJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2009-01-28
Play ArkJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2009-01-29
Play Brazen AltarJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2008-11-13
Play CourtyardJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2008-11-11
Play LampstandJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2009-01-26
Play LaverJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2008-11-14
Play Mercy SeatJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2009-01-30
Play TabernacleJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2008-11-12
Play Tabernacle OverviewJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2008-11-10
Play Table of ShowbreadJoel PortmanThe Tabernacle2009-01-27

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